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No-Code Enterprise Applications

Corpa is the world’s first no code enterprise applications and workflow management platform to build, automate and deploy custom enterprise workflows instantly.

Free | Easy Setup | No Credit Cards

Build | Automate | Deploy

Deploy workflow apps instantly. No coding required.

Whether you are looking to build a simple app to manage your clients or a complex one to manage your warehouse, Corpa is here to help you to do so almost instantly.

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Safe & Secure anywhere

Cloud native, data driven and secure

Making sure your data in the cloud is secure is always our top priority. We have taken steps to develop security controls, and complete information governance. But we know your needs don’t stop there. Which is why we have developed the world’s most advanced access control system for you to secure your data internally as well in terms of who can access what kind of data.

Learn more about how your data in the cloud is secure through our cloud partners with the world’s most sophisticated security and compliance standards.

Top Features

Workflow Apps
Turn your processes and workflows into apps

Manage all your workflows on the go. Digitalize and mobilize your processes and workflows. Get started instantly with Corpa Store bundles or build your own apps without any coding. Automate workflows to save ~9 hours per week on standard processes.

Crunch data anytime, anywhere

Create, analyze and filter mission critical data in the palm of your hand on your mobile device. Never miss on stocking up the inventory anymore. Set alerts to get notified automatically.

Visualize data on the go

Convert your data into beautiful charts so you can get sense of what's going on with a simple peek. Set alerts based on integrated KPIs to keep that revenue strong.

Turn your processes and workflows into apps

Manage your tasks based on Eisenhower Matrix. Urgent & important comes first. With workflow app integration focus on what matters. Attach files from anywhere in the cloud.

Data integrated communication

Communicate securely and without noise through integrated comms, anywhere anytime. Share files and workflow data and more, all in one place.

News Feed
Stay connected and collaborate better

Stay on top of what's latest within the organization and in your area. All your workflow related activity shows up in your curated news feed. Share ideas or run a poll, anywhere anytime.

Your Workplace in the cloud

Transform work and the workplace

Corpa paves way to a whole new way of working on mobile devices, reduces tool overload, eliminates data silos and allows your teams collaborate better and with context. No more spreadsheets, word documents, endless presentations and emails, just contextual collaboration. #WorkAnywhere

Multiple Use cases

Something for every team

Whether your team needs to start a project, recruit a new employee, plan the next event, create a new product catalog, finalize next year’s budget, manage the warehouse, and more, we’ve got you covered. Corpa has multiple applications and use cases. 

Inventory Management ➔

Manage your inventory on the go. Add products and control your warehouse based on credit and debit transactions. With integrated reports and dashboards track inventory anywhere. Automate your inventory management. Get inventory alert based on report or dashboard automation. Share expense elements with others via processes or comms using # without emailing back and forth.

Expense Management ➔

Manage all your expenses as an individual, a team or a company in one place. Approve expenses on the go and track them through reports and dashboards. Automate your expense management. Get alerts based on report or dashboard automation to stay within budget. Share expense elements with others.

Customer Relationship Management ➔

100% mobile CRM for managing customer and partner relations and or tracking opportunities. Assign accounts to sales teams. Automate tasks and emails. Take advantage of integrated dashboards and reports.

Project Management ➔

Project Management doesn't have to be painful. Manage all your projects in one place on your mobile device integrated with workflow apps, reports and dashboards. Add automation to make project management more efficient and productive.

Sales Management ➔

Integrated bundle to manage your sales deals, products and clients on the go. Assign deals and relations to your salesforce and help them achieve their goals. Automate tasks and emails. Take advantage of integrated dashboards and reports.

Submittals and RFIs ➔

Managing submittals and RFIs is a tedious process especially when you have thousands of items. This bundle provides a complete submittals and RFIs solution. Automate the workflow to save tons of time.

Restaurant Management ➔

Manage a restaurant or a cafe on the mobile. From guests to tables to orders, use freedom of mobile to provide better service. Automation keeps the chefs, baristas and servers in the loop.

Jobs & Applicants Management ➔

Managing mutiple positions and applicants while recruiting is hard but with this simple bundle you can manage it all in one place and on the go. With automation streamline and speed up the process and save tons of time.

Get started with Corpa and visit Corpa Store to check out more bundles and use cases.