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Deploy standard workflows, instantly

With a simple tap on your mobile device you can deploy almost standard workflows instantly.  Workflows are installed as a ‘bundle’ which contains integrated workflow apps, reports & dashboards. Bundles are 100% customizable (requires paid plan) and automation can be added to all the workflow apps based on business needs.

Multiple Use cases

Something for every team

Whether your team needs to start a project, recruit a new employee, plan the next event, create a new product catalog, finalize next year’s budget, manage the warehouse, and more, we’ve got you covered. Corpa has pre-built and 100% editable workflow bundles to offer. 

Inventory Management ➔

Manage your inventory on the go. Add products and control your warehouse based on credit and debit transactions. With integrated reports and dashboards track inventory anywhere. Automate your inventory management. Get inventory alert based on report or dashboard automation. Share expense elements with others via processes or comms using # without emailing back and forth.

Expense Management ➔

Manage all your expenses as an individual, a team or a company in one place. Approve expenses on the go and track them through reports and dashboards. Automate your expense management. Get alerts based on report or dashboard automation to stay within budget. Share expense elements with others.

Customer Relationship Management ➔

100% mobile CRM for managing customer and partner relations and or tracking opportunities. Assign accounts to sales teams. Automate tasks and emails. Take advantage of integrated dashboards and reports.

Project Management ➔

Project Management doesn't have to be painful. Manage all your projects in one place on your mobile device integrated with workflow apps, reports and dashboards. Add automation to make project management more efficient and productive.

Sales Management ➔

Integrated bundle to manage your sales deals, products and clients on the go. Assign deals and relations to your salesforce and help them achieve their goals. Automate tasks and emails. Take advantage of integrated dashboards and reports.

Submittals and RFIs ➔

Managing submittals and RFIs is a tedious process especially when you have thousands of items. This bundle provides a complete submittals and RFIs solution. Automate the workflow to save tons of time.

Restaurant Management ➔

Manage a restaurant or a cafe on the mobile. From guests to tables to orders, use freedom of mobile to provide better service. Automation keeps the chefs, baristas and servers in the loop.

Jobs & Applicants Management ➔

Managing mutiple positions and applicants while recruiting is hard but with this simple bundle you can manage it all in one place and on the go. With automation streamline and speed up the process and save tons of time.

Get started with Corpa and visit Corpa Store in app to check out more bundles and use cases.