Customer Relationship Management

100% mobile CRM for managing customer and partner relations and or tracking opportunities. Assign accounts to sales teams. Automate tasks and emails. Take advantage of integrated dashboards and reports.

Workflow Apps


Manage all your leads in this app and start your prospecting process all the way to sale. Automate actions based on status and more.


Sales process starts here and is managed in this app. As you update sale status reports and dashboards are updated as well.


Add all your products in this app to build a product database. If you already have a product micro app from another bundle you can integrate it with CRM bundle.

Sales Material

Organize and manage all your sales materials in one place for your sales team to use and learn from.


Add quotation requests in this app and the responsible teams will generate the quote for the salesperson. Get notified once the quote is ready.


Log all your communication with this app integrated with Leads. You can review the entire communication history inside each lead element.

Bundle Preview

Real-time updates, anywhere anytime.

Perfectly optimized for tracking leads across your business, this bundle can be updated in real-time from multiple locations by multiple sales teams.

With multiple views and rollup filters, it’s a cinch to compare the performance of team, product and or region.

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