Warehouse on the go

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory on the go. Add products and control your warehouse based on in (credit) and out (debit) transactions. With integrated reports and dashboards track inventory anywhere. Automate your inventory management. Get inventory alert based on report or dashboard automation. 

Workflow Apps


Add all your products with name, description, unit price, product images and files into this app. This is your product database to manage all your products. You can customize the micro app to your needs. Products workflow app is integrated with Products In so you can just pick the product to automagically fill fields with picker attribute when entering data saving you tons of time.

Products In

Within this app you add or credit to your inventory. It's your actual warehouse with products that are available so you can sell them to your customers. Filter products by name category and more. This workflow app is integrated with Products and Products Out to make the data capturing and viewing seamless.

Products Out

This App is desgined to deduct or debit from your inventory in the warehouse. When products are sold and an inventory out element is created which directly debits from the related product in lot or SKU. The seamless integration with products in allows you to see the inventory available before you can deduct from that lot or SKU.

Bundle Preview

Real-time updates, anywhere anytime.

Perfectly optimized for tracking inventory levels across your business, this bundle can be updated in real-time from multiple locations. 

With multiple views and rollup filters, it’s a cinch to compare the performance of each product.

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