One Platform
Sorry! We can’t do that just yet. ERP I can generate an Inventory Report but how do I share it with other people? I hate emails! HRM Hey CRM! Can you give access to this new employee? Just sent you a message on that new messaging platform everyone is talking about. CRM Hey! Can you email me a copy too? I wish I could see it for myself so I didn’t have to waste your time. BI Hey IT! Can I see my dashboard on my mobile device? I just don’t have time to log in to my desktop everytime. Sorry! I am not allowed to do that. We need to call the consultants to do that. Finance needs to approve as well and I am not sure we have the budget. May be next year. SCM Hey IT! I have just found a great way to streamline our Supply Chain Management can you help me make those changes in the SCM system? Hey CRM! Can you email me the client details please? Hey ERP? Can you email me that inventory report please? I wish I could just access them myself. Why is it so complicated?

Traditionally, everyone uses different tools to get stuff done but with Corpa everyone is on the same platform doing different things.

Digitalize and mobilize work and workplace with one platform

Corpa is the world’s first no-code workflow management and collaboration platform. Some of the top features are:

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